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Practicing Good Tire Care
April 16, 2014|Categories: Blog
By Castrol Crew|Comments (0)
YOU GET A LOT OF LIFE OUT OF YOUR TIRES IF YOU LOOK AFTER THEM PROPERLY With all the time your loved ones spend in a car, you need your tires to be in tip-top shape. And proper tire care is your ticket to ride - safely. In these three easy steps, we tell you how to keep your tire care simple and effective. STEP 1 - KEEP YOUR WHEELS BALANCED Balancing your wheels is crucial to making sure they spin correctly. Have your local tire center balance the wheels by attaching small weights to the...
Interesting Articles of the Week 4/4
April 04, 2014|Categories: Blog
By Castrol Crew|Comments (0)
It's the first Friday during National Car Care month and we are excited to share the automotive news we've been reading up on this week. Take a look and let us know which articles you were reading this week. Motortrend BMW M4 Convertible Debut at the New York Auto Show Car and Driver 2015 Land Rover Sport Spy Shots Autoblog Lexus NX Crossover Teaser Video Autoweek Chevy Camaro z28 vs. Porsche 911 GT3 Complex Rides Q50 EAU Roug...
10 Ways to Get your Car Ready for Spring
April 02, 2014|Categories: Blog
By David Hakim|Comments (0)
Ah April, it marks the beginning of spring and the time of year we look forward to. It also marks the end the brutal winter we’ve had this season and the harsh climate your vehicle has been subjected to. Now it’s time to give it some TLC and perform some basic and preventative maintenance as April is National Car Care Month. Not only will getting your car into shape help improve its safety and dependability; it can also avoid having your wallet severely lightened with costly repairs...
Interesting Articles of the Week 3/28
March 28, 2014|Categories: Blog
By Castrol Crew|Comments (0)
Spring is here and that just means it’s to drop the top or at least roll down the windows and enjoy your vehicle again. Before you head out for your weekend drive, take a look at our latest batch of articles from around the web that sparked conversations here at the Castrol Crew. Autoblog Canada Frieghtliner Gymkhana Motor Trend Acura NSX Super Car Drive Train Gets an Overhaul Car and Driver BMW: Liked X5, Loved the X6, now here...
Getting Your Car Connected in the 21st Century
March 25, 2014|Categories: Blog
By David Hakim|Comments (0)
The future of driving is on the verge on taking a giant leap forward. We’ve gone well beyond onboard navigation and satellite radio and in the not so distant future, the connectivity features for your car will be more like those from a Jules Verne novel that you’ll of course, you’ll be reading on your tablet. Let’s face it, not only can your car tell you where your favorite burger joint is, it can also point you to the local drycleaner after you dumped ket...
After-Winter Car Care
March 19, 2014|Categories: Blog
By Castrol Crew|Comments (0)
Every region has its version of spring. For those who live in snow–free Southern California, it's the March Santa Ana; in the South, spring starts when the dogwoods bloom; Midwesterners look for the first crocus. Those who live in heavy snowfall areas or high altitudes simply look forward to that day when they instinctively know that the last severe winter storm has come and gone. But that doesn't mean there won't be a late freeze or surprise snow flurry. It does mean, however, that these...
Don't Let 'Spring Break' Your Car
March 18, 2014|Categories: Blog
By David Hakim|Comments (0)
Spring Break, the annual tradition of getting away from the daily grind of school, work and even your parents. Packing the car for that road trip and heading south to warmer climates with friend, kicking back and chilling out. However, there’s another form of Spring Break that can be damaging to your car. What are we talking about you ask? Let us explain, with the harsh winter we’ve been experiencing, it’s taking its toll on your car in many ways. From record setting sn...
Interesting Articles of the Week 3/14
March 14, 2014|Categories: Blog
By Castrol Crew|Comments (0)
You know it's Friday when the Castrol Crew releases the "Interesting Articles of the Week" Check out what the 'Crew was reading this week. Get up to speed on the new Jeep Renegade or Ferrari's plans to launch a new theme park. There's something for everyone this week and we want to hear from you. Tell us what you were reading this week. Car and Driver 10 Things You Need to know About the Jeep Renegade Motortrend Dirt Every Day Turns a Motorhome into a Monster Go Ka...
Gas Savings
March 13, 2014|Categories: Blog
By Castrol Crew|Comments (0)
Is it possible to drive more miles, burn less gas and get more bang for your fuel buck all at once? Yes! If you could squeeze 10 to 20 percent more savings from every gas dollar, wouldn't you rather put it back in your pocket than back in your gas tank? Who wouldn't? The real question is: Do you know how? Smart fuel management starts with preventative maintenance (which you're doing anyway, right?). Here are a few reminders and recommendations to help your car and gas dollars go farther.....
Fuel's Gold (Fuel for Thought)
March 11, 2014|Categories: Blog
By Castrol Crew|Comments (0)
As fuel prices continue to ratchet upward, drivers are employing several strategies to improve gas mileage. Many of these methods are obvious steps, such as driving less and/or more slowly, removing unnecessary weight from the vehicle, and keeping a vehicle in optimum tune. One tactic in particular, though, not only reduces gas consumption, but also has benefits for the life of your engine: an oil change. Some might wonder how simply putting fresh oil in the crankcase could affect fuel ec...
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